How do I sync my Ooyala videos into my WIREWAX account?

Using WIREWAX Sync for Ooyala?


The WIREWAX Sync™ feature that allows you to synchronize your WIREWAX and Ooyala accounts is available to our  Enterprise users. Give us a call or speak with your WIREWAX account manager with any questions. 

To see the WIREWAX Sync, you'll need to first have the permission added to your account by the WIREWAX Support Team. Once this is added:

1) Click the Sync button on the top right of the DAM

2) Navigate to the Ooyala tab.

3) Enter your Ooyala credentials, the API Key and API Secret. You can find out how to find these HERE.

Once you've connected your account, you'll now see a new tab next to 'Credentials', titled 'Videos'. Here you can sync the files to WIREWAX.


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