How do I run an Offline Package?

What's in my package?


To run the Offline Package requires some technical knowledge, but we'd like to think these handy instructions will help get you started. Within the package, you'll receive the renditions as well as these files: 

- Public - folder which includes the WIREWAX Player files, such as the scripts, styling and metadata.

- Index.html - the page that loads the WIREWAX player.

- package.json - Used for running NodeJS (which this article is tailored towards), configures the project.

- App.js - File to start the NodeJS server.


Running the package


For running the file on NodeJS, go to THIS LINK, download for the required Operating System. Once it's installed:

1) Open Command Prompt or Terminal. 

2) Change directory to where the folder is, for example, if it was in the Downloads folder - "cd downloads".

3) Change directory to the specific folder - Which'll be your Video ID - "cd 8______".

5) Now we're at the folder, we want to run it - "node app.js", or "sudo node app.js", if it requires admin rights.

6) Go to your browser of choice and go to "localhost/index.html". You'll now see your video ready to play.

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