What are headline analytics?

Get a quick overview of your video and how it is performing


The Headline report is a high-level summary of how your video is doing. Use it to quickly see some basic performance metrics for your WIREWAX content.

Total Views - The number of times the video has been watched.

Unique Views - The number of unique viewers that have watched the video.

Active Views - The number of viewers who have interacted with your video.

Interactions - This is the total number of times your hotspots were clicked on/ touched.

% of your viewers interacted - Active viewers divided by the total number of viewers. The percentage of viewers who have interacted with your video. Referred to as Active audience share.

Play Rate - The rate at which viewers have played the video after loading the page it is embedded on.

Interactions per active viewer - Interactions divided by active viewers. The number of times each active viewer interacted with your video, on average.

Impressions - The total number of people who have loaded the page the video is on.


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