How do I embed a WIREWAX video into a WordPress website?

Make Wordpress an interactive video heaven for all.


You can embed to Wordpress using the Embedly Plugin, as we are an approved provider. Download the Embedly Pugin HERE. Test your WIREWAX experience by visiting the Embedly site here and pasting a WIREWAX view page URL ( You can see an example of a WIREWAX video embedded in a Wordpress page here on the Look site which uses a Wordpress CMS. 

For (read the difference here):

Try installing this plugin:

In the “Edit JS Code” screen -

1. Under “Where on page” title, select “Footer”.

2. Add this code to the main code section: 

3. Press “Update/Publish".

Read more tips on Distributing and Embedding your WIREWAX videos on our Success Center.

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