Can I download my WIREWAX video?

Creating an offline package of your WIREWAX experience


For our subscribers, there is the opportunity to download a Self-serve download package. This option gives you the video renditions and code to be hosted privately on your own network. The number of videos you can download as a self-serve package is restricted to the subscription package you are on.

To request an offline package of your video please email support with the videoID (the seven digit ID starting 81xxxxx found in the address bar) you would like to receive.

"How do I run my offline package"

In the download package you will receive the following:

public: folder with all the wirewax player files ( videos, scripts, metadata, styling )

index.html: page that loads the WIREWAX player

The following are only relevant if you are running NodeJS:

package.json: file with NodeJS project configuration

node_modules: folder with all NodeJS dependencies

app.js: file to start the NodeJS server

To run the package:

Make sure you have a webserver installed on your computer/server (XAMPP (Apache) or Node, etc).

*Note that this package will only run on port 80*

Node (Using the included app.js file)

In the package folder, run the command "node app.js"

Navigate to /localhost/index.html


XAMPP (Apache)

Place the package in the htdocs folder

Start Apache

Navigate to /localhost/PACKAGE_FOLDER_NAME/index.html

"Can I just download a .mp4 with the interactivity in the video file?"

Unfortunately not. Standard video files do not support interactivity. The offline package offered by WIREWAX is the cleanest, simplest way of packaging up the video files and interactive code in an easy to serve package.

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